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ETO Sterilizer
Provided ETO sterilizers are most versatile and affordable least temperature sterilizers that are availed in numerous healthcare amenities around the nation. They render 100% effective cleaning cycle on no steam injection, room temperature sterilization and no deep vacuum. In addition, these have more purge pups and powerful ventilation system.
Autoclave & Flash Autoclave
Doctors prior to treating their patients always clean the equipment. Just well, we offer Autoclave and Flash Autoclaves for cleaning such items such as hospital instruments and surgical equipment. These are slightly like bigger pressure cookers, which apply steam power to distort germs that would sustain an easy washing with cleansing agents and boiling water.
ETO Gas Sterilizer
Who does not incline to sterilize medicinal equipments such as syringes, containers and more for their ailment’s treatment. Therefore, we present ETO Gas Sterilizers that are primarily employed to sterilize pharmaceutical and medical products, which cannot reinforce traditional elevated temperature steam sterilization, for example, instruments that include plastic containers, plastic packaging or electronic components.
Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer
Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer is the most seasoned and most secure sanitization technique in the therapeutic gear industry, its exclusive disadvantage being the brutal conditions it forces on the things being cleaned, by presenting them to outrageous heat, humidity and pressure for 10minutes to one hour. The steam achieves 121-148°C in the pressure chamber at extended P.S.I. The sanitization time frame is subject to the temperature and load size.
Hospital Sterilizer
A Hospital Sterilizer is wide and can sanitize a completely stacked chamber. Features with space format confinements will profit by limit configuration sterilizers that give high limit in a constrained space. Limit configuration sterilizers consider more autoclaves in an offered space to guarantee proceeded sterile handling in occurrence of sterilizer downtime.
Medical Sterilizers
From minimizing the condition of infectious substances with least power consumption, our Medical Sterilizers are employed in healthcare centers, pathological labs, medical clinics, blood banks and hospitals to sterilize medicinal tools and equipment. Optimally designed, our sterilizers are acknowledged for their user amiable interface and convenient performance whenever required.
Front Loading Autoclave
Autoclaves are primarily availed by dentists in their clinics or hospitals for cleaning medical tools like injections, brushes and more. Our Front Loading Autoclaves can be automatic or manual with distinguished capacities in liters. The instruments are controlled through the integral micro processor for solid, non-porous , unwrapped and wrapped instruments.
Steam Sterilizer
Mechanically advanced and optimally designed, our steam sterilizers can be manual, electric or automatic from which any user can pick as per his inclination. The functions can alternatively be adjusted for any specific application. In addition, our sterilizers are reasonable for narrow and wide neck bottles, large or small syringes and more.
Vertical Autoclave Sterilizer
Medically employed tools are cleaned mainly through steam procedure as it minimizes infectious agents’ level. Provided Vertical Autoclave is fundamentally functions on steam process that offers adaptable solution of sterilization in clinics, hospitals and different applicable areas, where dependable steam cleaning is an imperative activity. Available in different volumes as per demanded.
Horizontal Autoclave Sterilizer
Plastic and rubber material that are employed in medical business can be cleaned under elevated psi pressure in our Horizontal Autoclave Sterilizers. These have application in educational institutions, scientific labs and different areas. The sterilizers have dual walled structure with effective boilers composed of hard and thick material sheet.
Autoclave Machines

Completely jacketed Autoclave Machines guarantee uniform heat dispersion to guarantee reliable cleaning conditions for all heaps in chamber that is not completely jacketed, which may have cold spots that can cause uncalled for disinfection. The discretionary chiller and radiator water sparing solutions to limit water utilization in the vicinity of half and 90%.
Flash Autoclave
Provided Flash Autoclaves function on steam sterilization of any unwrapped object at elevated temperature for some minutes with effective tension in gravity displacement cleanser. The time demanded for flash cleaning certainly depends on sort of cleaner and item that can easily be achieved through our autoclaves. In addition, these offer appropriate solution for cleaning critical medicinal devices.
Plasma Sterilizer

Plasma Sterilizers offer proficient solution for moisture and heat sensitive instruments in gastroenterology and respiratory endoscopy clinics and CSSDS. With our sterilizers, customers achieve maximum productivity, minimized work stoppage risk and effective sterilized equipment supply where these are required. In working areas, our sterilizers profit customers with almost instant access to cleaned equipment.
Pharma Sterilizer

Delivered Pharma Sterilizers are extensively employed for cleaning rubber articles, linen, vessels, containers and glass ware culture media. They are supplied with functional doors and extended temperature safe silicone gaskets. Further, these render effective and standard cycles as required. The functions can be directed through incorporated control system that covers every parameter with printing facility.
Instant Autoclave
With optimum temperature tolerance and hard material construction, our Instant Autoclaves are obtainable in various capacities and sizes to fulfill every medical and health care purposes or facilities. These come with customer amiable master piece with different productive features, vulcanized and thermally protected poly chloroprene gaskets at their doors.
Laminar Flow Cabinet
Laminar Flow Cabinets are composed from dense material duly stainless steel interior surface that is epoxy coated for their prolonged life. The operating table is framed with heap and pre filter from which air is traveled through. Further, the integrated filters have elevated efficiency rating with cold and hot dop for medical and sterilizing applications.
Instrument Sterilizer
Our Instrument Sterilizers are electrically operated and are available with hinged lid attached with water outlet tap as well as immersion rod. These posses smooth untainted steel construction and are equipped with mechanical cutoff protection pin device, tray and thermostat arrangement. They are product choice in pharmaceutical and medical businesses.
Hot Air Sterilizers
Offered Hot Air Sterilizers can be deployed to accomplish quick, accurate and perfect process of sterilization, heating and drying in healthcare services. The cleaning effect is obtained via the activity of pressurized flow of dry hot air applied to particular sterilization exposure time and temperature. In addition, the true procedure operates in compact pressure chamber.
Laboratory Sterilizers
Provided Laboratory Sterilizers are most suitable for every usage demanding regular complete destruction of each living micro-organism. Considered as suitable instrument for nursing homes, R&D labs, hospitals and more, our sterilizers are fitted with stainless steel outer and internal chamber. In addition, bucket and heater cover stands are integrated in our range.
Rectangular Sterilizer
Our Rectangular Sterilizers are imperative devices to be existed in every institution and industry, particularly for bacteriological media. The exterior chamber is fabricated from polished untainted steel while the interior chamber is composed from thick mild or stainless steel. In addition, steam generator is offered for steam production.
Steam Autoclaves
Mechanically advanced and optimally designed, our steam sterilizers can be manual, electric or automatic from which any user can pick as per his inclination. The functions can alternatively be adjusted for any specific application. In addition, our sterilizers are reasonable for narrow and wide neck bottles, large or small syringes and more.
Sterilizing Machine
The Sterilizing Machine is a flat out one of a kind and unique arrangement, intended for enhancing and streamlining all cleaning necessities when the heaps require to penetrate a controlled-tainting condition. Our sterilizer is a half and half arrangement reasonable for washing, disinfecting, sanitizing and drying different sorts of burdens as no conventional machine can ever perform.
High Pressure Autoclaves
Offered High Pressure Autoclaves are important segment of sterilization and decontamination procedures executed by CSSD in medical facilities. Wider options of our sterilizers implies that customers can find suitable sterilizer, which easily incorporated into their reprocessing workflow. In addition, they minimize water and steam application per instrument processed pound.
Table Top Sterilizer
Table Top Sterilizers are reliable and outlined for the requirements of advanced clinics where these are anticipated to suit sophisticated standards as well as operate consistently every hour. In addition, veterinary, dental, medical and allied clinics avail our sterilizers. Electro polished structure lasts longer as compared to competing material construction.
Desk Type Autoclave Sterilizer
Outlined to speed up and smooth the customers’ workflow, thorough lab inspection of top caliber material and components as well as exceptional program virtually make our Desk type Autoclave Sterilizers the impeccable pick for customers, who require quality, simple and safe sterilization procedures. Available with numerous chambers in different capacities.

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